Software Projects, A Photography Section
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Live Automation Platform
Livekeys is a platform that automates content creation in real time by combining visual scripting with live coding. Components are used to create pipelines for familiarized tasks (file reading, video editing, computer vision modules, etc), providing configuration via their user interfaces.
Customizable C++ Parser and Refactoring Tool
C++ Syntax Assist is a C / C++ code parser and generator that exposes parsed source files to a javascript library. The exposed model is easily navigable (similar to the DOM structure for HTML), and can be used to manipulate and automate code refactoring. Javascript plugins are supported for custom configurations.
Gantt Library for QML
An efficient implementation of a gantt chart library for qml. The library provides a custom View element which handles lazy loading of items according to its viewport, making the library handle large amounts of items with no significant loss in fps. The library can be used for other scroll based content where items are positioned throughout the view.
Lightweight Php Framework
Dispersion is a php MVC based framework I developed and used on projects that I have worked on. It started as a set of pluginable libraries implemented to speed up my work on already existing websites. As the features kept piling up, I decided to organize these libraries, refactor the code, and create a framework. This project is not maintained anymore, however, the code is still available in case anyone is looking for anything light and custom.
My photography collection, mostly focused on landscapes.